Lumen Solar LLC is a distributor of solar technologies, including photovoltaic (PV) panels, PV roof tiles, hot water systems, and lighting. Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, Lumen Solar is part of May Global Business Group, a family-owned third-generation company and a leader in the global silicon industry.

Our global network of suppliers are among the industry’s most established, and all products have long-term industry standard warranties. Private label branding is also available on most of our product lines, allowing companies to customize their products and gain a competitive edge.

Company History
Lumen Solar LLC was founded in January 2010 by Jim May and Melissa May White. It is a subsidiary of May Global Business Group, a third generation family-owned company founded as May Engineering in 1948 by Milton May. In 1998, Jim May founded Midland Silicon Company LLC and in 2007 created May Global Business Group as a parent company to the two subsidiaries. May Engineering provides consulting and market research on the global solar and silicon industries; Midland Silicon sells metallurgical and poly-silicon products, and May Global handles international solar sourcing and product development. The annual sales of May Global and its subsidiaries exceeds $30 million, with over 100,000 tons of silicon metal products sold to date.

Lumen Solar LLC was created to bring May Global’s high-quality solar products to the Hawaii market. It is majority-owned by Jim May’s daughter, Melissa May White, and benefits directly from the experience and relationships forged by the May Global team. With over 15 years experience doing business in China, the May Global team is uniquely qualified to source the highest quality products there and deliver them to the Hawaii market at competitive prices, always backed by industry standard warranties. The resulting suite of brands and products that Lumen Solar LLC brings to Hawaii represent new and exciting additions to the local product mix and will help bring Hawaii closer to realizing its goals of energy independence.

Our Team
Melissa May White is the majority Owner of Lumen Solar LLC and Vice President of Sales for May Global Business Group. A resident of Hawaii since 2001, she has worked in the environmental sector since completing her MA in Anthropology 2003 at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. A BS in Environmental Studies and five years of experience in private sector environmental permitting, where she assisted with permitting for several major renewable energy projects, led her to take the family business in a new direction aimed at contributing to a sustainable, energy-independent Hawaii. Her studies have taken her to more than 15 countries, including Brazil, where she conducted her MA thesis research on the trickle-down effects of global climate change policy through case studies of corporately-funded carbon sink forest reserves. She has also accompanied her father on several trips to China, visiting silicon plants and solar suppliers in far-flung parts of the country.

Jim May is part Owner of Lumen Solar LLC, as well as Chairman and CEO of May Global Business Group. He is a metallurgical and materials engineer with over 30 years experience in the polysilicon, metallurgical silicon and ferroalloys industry. He was among the first developers of solar silicon technology and worked in silicon research, manufacturing and procurement at Dow Corning for over 20 years. With more than 16 years experience conducting business in China, Mr. May is uniquely poised to offer insight and access to that market. He is a world-recognized leader in the silicon industry and a Top 2% consultant at Gerson-Lehman Group.


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